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Getting to Know the Weird Chick…

August 12th, 2015

meeeHey there, internet. I’m Sam. I’m an awkward lady. Weirdly quiet, and often saying strange things when I do speak because of crippling social anxiety. Intrigued yet? I promise I’m quite lovable once you get past the oddness. I’m actually pretty damn normal. Just an everyday, ordinary, regular person, just like the rest of you. Except obviously also special and amazing and oh so smart, right? The perfect 90s special snowflake. I’m a mid-20s late-20s woman (note to self: you haven’t been a girl in forever, so stop calling yourself one, you old hag) from the true north, strong and free. I’m a former baker turned computer programmer. I graduated from a two-year computer programming diploma program at a local college (with honours, while working full-time as a co-op student for a year and six months pregnant, I might add) in 2017. Considering transferring those credits to university and getting a computer science degree, since the provincial government here will pay my tuition and living expenses (finally, all those years of working and paying taxes is paying off… also roads and hospitals and stuff, I guess). Think I should do it? We’ll see how I feel when my year of parental leave is over. I’m your typical dorky lady. I like video games, computers, animals, cartoons, cooking, baking, writing, and a million other micro-interests that come and go (seriously, the world is absolutely filled with fascinating things to learn, see, and do). I have a dog, three rats, a husband, and the cutest baby girl the world has ever seen. That is an objective, inarguable fact. Trust me.

With regards to computers, I have a particular interest in front-end stuff, particularly creating pretty interfaces. At home, anyway. At work, I literally like to do anything code-wise. I just like to solve problems and puzzles. I thrive on that. I won’t be particularly passionately, innately interested in any work projects, but trust me, I still absolutely love figuring out how to write whatever code is needed. Even if I don’t find automating the creation of a particular Windows OS image to be particularly fascinating, you bet I’m going to enjoy the fuck out of figuring out how in the hell I can get that damn outdated driver to install itself (don’t let my frustrated ranting convince you otherwise — it just helps me think, I promise). Just don’t expect me to wax poetic about it afterwards. How was my day at work? Oh, I did stuff. It was fine. Thanks for asking.

At home, I’m currently in the midst of figuring out how to be a mom. I’ve got a brand spankin’ new baby, and I’ve only just begun to not be in what I hear is called “survival mode”. I’ve adjusted to sleeping in two to three hour bursts, learned to change a diaper in a minute (will I ever get that down to seconds?), finally got the hang of breastfeeding without feeling like my nipples are trying to murder me, and am able to go out and do stuff and take the baby with me. Which is why I’m here now. I’ve got this baby tied to me in my baby wrap, like the goddamn hippie mom that I am, trying to make sure I don’t forget how computers work while I’m on leave for the year.

Video games have preoccupied much of my time since I was old enough to use my mom’s NES. I’m now (likely unsurprisingly, considering all that you now know of me) quite the Nintendo nerd. My N64 was the center of my childhood, and now my Switch is enjoying quite a bit of love, too. I love Zelda and Mario games (I told you, I’m just the most special, unique snowflake ever) mostly, although I also really enjoy pretty much any game made by Nintendo, and several made by other companies, too. I have a soft spot for turn-based JRPGs. The more ridiculous the story line, the better. (Yes, I was a pretty insufferable anime nerd at one point in my life.) My husband is into MMOs and RTS and FPS, which (aside from Splatoon) are not my thing, at all. So we don’t really play video games together.

Reading and writing is a hobby that comes and goes for me. I was a huge fantasy nerd for a while, and though I still love the genre, I don’t read or write much right now. I probably will again soon, but haven’t done much in a few years. You can read some of the things I wrote as an angsty teenager right on this very site, if you like. No guarantee that it’s great stuff, or that I’ll continue in a similar style or genre in the future when I eventually resume writing fiction.

I also enjoy cooking and baking. But mostly, I enjoy eating. If you want to see what I’ve been making in the kitchen, you can check my equally popular food blog, Eighty Plates. It’s updated just as frequently as this place is. So, constantly.

I’m out of things to say right now, and I have a zonked baby on my chest who needs to wake up and eat before I leak all over the floor again, so I’m going to just end this right here. Bye!

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