the weird chick

She lives!

January 3rd, 2018

I know the entire world is just dying to know where I ran off to for the past eighteen months. I started working as a co-op and then junior developer, went to school part time in the evenings, and also got pregnant, graduated college (with honours!) when I was six months pregnant, and then gave birth to the cutest baby ever (objectively) in November. I have been busy. I’m fixing shit around here, and I’m not done yet. I need to go feed my crotch goblin (who is starving to death as we speak) right now, so I’m taking a break. See you guys in another eighteen months!

I’m not dead

July 6th, 2016

Though I might as well be, considering I’ve done nothing of interest since March.

Or rather, I’ve been busy with school, getting my first co-op job, and taking a trip to Portugal (not quite in that order). So I’ve neglected my very-popular site. For shame, Samantha. For shame!

I’m working on this design recently. Taking my sweet time with it, as with everything I do (although that’s not quite true, because quite often I rush through things just to finish them and then they are terrible), but it’s coming along. I like it.

Finished my second term in college and am halfway through my third (why yes, I did voluntarily enroll in summer school) and got my co-op job, which I start in September. I got three different job offers out of the five interviews I did. 60% interest made me feel pretty good about myself. 100% would have been better, but eh, I’m not the world’s greatest programmer (I’m not bad either, I don’t think…) so it’s okay. I don’t mind losing to those kids who are super-passionate.

Started the transition to my grandmother’s house. Woo. I got some nice clay dishes in Portugal that I’m looking forward to using in some recipe photos. I’m working towards having the ultimate Portuguese Grandma kitchen. Clay everywhere! First recipe I have in mind is my piri-piri chicken. It’s delicious and I would say can rival Nando’s if it’s cooked well (I’m lazy and like to just toss the marinated chicken in a pan with the lid on, then come back half an hour later). Since piri-piri is thought of as a Portuguese dish (though I have to say, I grew up with my very Portuguese immigrant grandparents and we never once ate piri-piri anything; I think piri-piri chicken is more African than Portuguese), I figured it would be a good way to break in my very-Portuguese dishes (hand-made by a man named Manuel Antonio Da Silva, of course).

Speaking of Portuguese clay, have you heard of Caldas da Rainha? I strongly recommend a Google search of the name plus the word “pottery”. Fair warning, the search will be NSFW. It’s my new favourite town and I think everyone who isn’t easily offended should go there and check out the fun pottery.

I’ll make some kind of post with my favourite pictures from my Portugal trip eventually. Until then, I’m going to go right back to neglecting the fuck out of this site. Love you!


August 25th, 2015

So for the past week and a bit, maybe two weeks I don’t even know anymore, I have been moving out of my house. It has been a pain in the butt, and I am still not done. This is the first time I have ever packed up an entire house, so I am in quite over my head. Anyway, I wanted to tell my large swathes of readers that the reason I have been not-so-unusually silent these past few days is because of the aforementioned moving. Yay! More details to come, I suppose. Maybe. If I decide to, I don’t know… Anyway, yeah, now you know! Bye for now, unless I die of exhaustion from all this prepping-the-house-to-sell nonsense, in which case it will be bye forever.