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The Weird Chick

Greek Meatballs

November 3rd,2015

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The husbear and I have been staying with his parents since about mid-August. We packed up and sold the very first home I ever bought (albeit with my dad), bid farewell to home ownership and living on our own, and settled into the guest bedroom at his parents. We’re supposed to be moving into my grandmother’s house, but there have been a couple setbacks there. She had a cat, to which my husband is deathly allergic, but we found her a good home with some friendly acquaintances of ours. She also currently has no functioning shower and, as much as I love them, I do not have time to take a bath every morning before class. I already have a hard enough time dragging myself out of bed to shower; there is no way I will wake up even five minutes sooner to take a bath. I am the furthest thing from a morning person that a human can possibly be; I will forego anything to get an extra three minutes of sleep.

I hate feeling like a freeloader, so I have been trying to make dinner for the husbear’s family as often as possible. His dad and his sister like to cook but they don’t often have time, and his mother has never enjoyed cooking. I have made them a whole bunch of stuff, including my beloved burritos (no joke, I practically live off of that stuff), my grandmother’s signature chicken, taco soup (I call it soup but apparently it might be chili), and poutine-stuffed meatloaf (trust me, it is amazing and so easy; I will post a recipe for that next time I make it). His parents seem to be pretty happy, to the point that they brag to coworkers about the meal they are going to have waiting for them at home. It makes me blush.