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The Weird Chick

One Year Anniversary

July 20th,2015


A week ago, on July 14, 2015, the husbear and I had our first wedding anniversary. Crazy, I know. We’ve been together for four and a half years now, but saying “I’ve been married for over one year” is still so weird. I never planned on getting married, ever — actually, neither of us was interested in getting married, and we actually talked about it not too long after we started dating. I’m not exactly sure why we changed our minds — maybe it was the tax breaks, who knows? Regardless, a week ago we had our first anniversary, and we celebrated the same way we celebrated getting married in the first place: taking off for Canada’s Georgian Bay and going camping. My idea. Apparently I am supposed to stress that.


Easy Tex Mex Beef

July 18th,2015

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Tex Mex Beef
I made nachos for friends.

My mom doesn’t really cook. I’m not saying that she can’t cook, just that she doesn’t. She’s a big fan of take-out. Which is funny, because she went through this cooking phase. Except it wasn’t really a cooking phase, but more of a buying kitchen stuff phase. She got a deep fryer, a bunch of chopping blocks and cutting boards, fancy knives, this cool vegetable peeler that makes peeling potatoes approximately 100% easier, and a whole bunch of other crap that I just don’t remember. This phase was a few years ago now. I inherited a bunch of the stuff when she finally admitted that she was never going to use any of it.

When I was a kid, she cooked more often. One of the things she made the most was chicken fajitas. I loved those fajitas, and when I started cooking for myself, they were what I made pretty much all the time. I hated raw meat back then. It was so gross to me; I couldn’t touch it. I remember one time, I think I was sixteen, I was house- and dog-sitting for her while she was having surgery. I had to make dinner for myself. I was still fairly new to that back then (I don’t know if that was a bit old to just start cooking for myself?), and was actually using precooked chicken breast strips I had gotten from the grocery store. It worked out well enough if I remember correctly. I used that precooked chicken for quite a while before my avó finally chastised me and gave me a raw chicken breast. I did not like touching it. So slimy and gross. But I got over it.


Easiest Burgers Ever

July 13th,2015

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Easiest Burgers
Cravings satisfied in ten minutes.

My husband loves hamburgers. No, really. I know every guy out there, with some scattered exceptions, loves hamburgers, but my husband really loves hamburgers. Fast food, home-made, or fancy restaurant, it doesn’t matter; he loves them all. The other day, those two pound tubes of lean ground beef were on ridiculous sale (as in, super super cheap) so I bought ten pounds worth of ground beef and brought it home, planning to make burgers for the insatiable Burger Monster. I think he missed his true calling as McDonald’s Hamburgler.

Making burgers is usually a fairly involved process. You have to mix up some egg and breadcrumbs into the beef, portion it out, and shape it into patties. Sometimes people add little mix-ins, like onions or spices (my favourite things to add, personally). For these, though, I was planning to be a burger factory and stock my freezer with enough burgers to keep a hungry man satisfied (with some extra for myself, of course), and I really did not feel like spending hours getting through ten pounds of beef.


Afghan Kofta Burgers

July 12th,2015

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I was introduced to Afghan food a couple of months ago when my husbear and I went to the only Afghan restaurant nearby. I had driven past it pretty much every day for months and was always curious, but never got around to trying it. That’s too bad, too, because oh man, do I love that restaurant now. The inside is nicely done, with this fancy little raised section that is draped with Persian rugs and has one of those low tables where you sit on pillows instead of chairs. I’m such a sucker for that kind of thing. I was already impressed with the place before the food arrived, but even if I wasn’t, that food would have completely changed my mind. Damn was it delicious. Seriously. They have these fried triangle things, kind of like samosa but better, called sumbosa, and these awesome little meat-filled dumplings topped with more meat called boolani. Add that amazing “White Sauce” that you can find at any Afghan restaurant, I have been assured, and I don’t see any reason to eat any other kind of food ever again. The coriander/cilantro chutney is pretty tasty, too, but pales in comparison to that white sauce.