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The Weird Chick

Stay Away, Jabu-Jabu!

December 28th,2014


My engagement ring finally arrived. The boy asked on Thanksgiving, and got my ring earlier this week. It shipped pretty quickly, considering he bought it earlier this month. I love it. Symbolically, to me, it’s perfect. And it wasn’t ridiculously expensive!


Deep Fried Pickles

December 20th,2014

September. It was a warm day in September when my love affair with deep fried pickles began. I was a hormonal wreck and sometimes, stereotypes can be pretty accurate: I needed pickles. It was the oddest, strongest craving. Deep fried pickles. They are becoming pretty popular around here, which is definitely a good thing. I love pickles. Always have. Bread them and deep fry them? Oh my God. The best. A few large Canadian restaurant chains had recently added deep fried pickles to their menu, much to my health’s dismay. And then I discovered that the little pizza place down the street was selling them, too. I think I overdid it, I really do, but how could I have resisted this onslaught? The hormones were crying and the pickles were calling, and I caved. For more than a couple of days in a row. I ate so many pickles, it’s nauseating to think about. But oh God, were they awesome. After a few days, I was finally tired of deep fried pickles. I had them occasionally, but the intense craving was gone.

Ever since this September, I’ve been suffering through one week a month of torrential floods of hormones unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I swear, this is worse than adolescence. New symptoms abounded: Nausea, headaches, and annoyingly heavy boobs among them. I even get a sore throat each time now. It feels a little like the early phases of a cold or flu, but with added mood swings, bloating, acne, and temperamental boobs. It’s wonderful, I assure you.