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I’ve been cooking.

March 4th, 2016

I’ve been cooking. Less than I used to, but more than I have been lately. Being between homes is awkward; I’ve always been uncomfortable using other people’s kitchens, even my own mom’s. My mother-in-law’s? Super weird for me. But I do it semi-often, because I’m not much of a cleaner, and I hate to be a mooching house guest. Making dinner for the in-laws’ makes me feel a bit better about still being in their house after six months (Dear Uncle: Please, please, please finish that bathroom soon. Thanks.) when I originally thought we’d be here only a couple of weeks.

They seem to enjoy it, because nothing I cook seems to last long, and I make huge batches, always, because I love leftovers. And I don’t seem to have many these days. My brother-in-law is only nineteen, so the kid can pack away food, holy damn. The other day, almost a week ago now, I bought a pack of five chicken breasts and a pack of nine chicken thighs. Two jumbo packs of dead chicken. I made shawarma with it, fully expecting to feast on the leftovers for a couple of days, at least. Do you know how long that lasted? I had enough leftovers to make two shawarma sandwiches the next day. That’s it. I feel I can comfortably say that I have finally nailed homemade shawarma. Hopefully I’ll get a nice post written up about it sometime soon.

This is maybe one quarter of all the chicken shawarma I made.

It was waaaay better than the chicken koftas I made, though those were terrible only because I used ground chicken. For some reason, all the ground chicken I buy lately has this really weird, distinct taste that is impossible to cover no matter how much seasoning I use, and no matter how much sauce I add later on. I cannot stand it. I used the same recipe a few days later with a ground beef and pork mix, and it was delicious. I think I’m done with ground chicken for now – at least until I unpack my meat grinder and try just grinding the breasts and thighs myself.

vindaloo poutine
Multicultural poutine might be the most Canadian thing ever. Vindaloo sauce is delicious.

I made this thing that I’m calling Indian Poutine. It’s pretty simple. Replace the cheese curds with paneer cubes, replace the fries with aloo tikki or some other Indian potato thing, and replace the gravy with your favourite Indian sauce, like butter chicken sauce or vindaloo. Mix it all together and you get a pretty awesome comfort food that mixes Canadian classic with our country’s love of multiculturalism. I grew up in a city with a large Indian population, so I love Indian food. We used to have Samosa Days at my middle school.

And today I made this Asian stir fry thing, with soy sauce, chili garlic sauce, sugar, ginger, and sumac. I chopped up a couple too many Thai red chilies to add to the rice. Don’t really recommend. Besides being a little uncomfortably spicy (not really unbearable), the flavour was a little overpowering and not the most pleasant. Luckily, it was still delicious, and I didn’t mix the peppers into the meat and vegetable mix, so it’s an easy fix. I might put up a recipe for this, but as usual I didn’t measure anything, so it would be another approximated recipe. Josette doesn’t like those, for some reason…

Couple spoonfuls of ginger, good sprinkling of sumac, shake the soy sauce bottle a few times until you have enough…

So yeah, I’m still cooking.


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