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Why, Hello There!

December 3rd, 2015

Hello, Internet! I almost forgot you existed. Kind of. I mean, I have been using you a lot lately (as I have since what, 2002? I think I have a problem…), but I haven’t really been talking to you. It’s been pretty one-sided, and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t use you like that. A relationship requires effort from both parties, and I…

Oh wait, I think that’s the letter I’m supposed to be writing to my husband. (“Thank you for paying all my bills while I’m unemployed for a month and in college! I’ll remember to talk to you really soon, I promise. Just let me finish these last fifty-thousand assignments and…”)

College is going well. I have a 4.0 so far, though it is important to bear in mind that this is only first semester, and also college in Canada is equivalent to community college in the States, so I mean, it’s not supposed to be hard, so don’t praise me too much. Also, I probably wouldn’t have quite as awesome an A in my C programming class if it wasn’t for my amazing little brother. You know, the kid who made better life choices than I did (and fortunately didn’t deal with wonderful mental health issues in his teen years, I am assuming, because if he did he never told me, and I really hope he didn’t because he’s my little brother, and his twin and I have had enough of those for all three of us, and also aren’t run-on sentences fun)? He’s in his third year of university, doing the same thing I am doing. So whenever I feel the urge to punch my poor laptop in the face, I text him instead, asking him to share his infinite wisdom. I must admit, it was weird asking my little brother for help at first (he and our sister are four years younger than I am), but I got over it really quickly because hey, free tutor! And a good one at at that!

I got bored with writing notes, because holy crap, so many notes, so I bought some pretty, colourful pens and my notes went from boring to fabulous:

Boring Notes Awesome Notes
Why yes, I am a twelve-year-old girl! How did you know?

…which has made writing notes approximately 2465376.245372x more exciting.

Just under two weeks left until the semester is over, which means just under two weeks until I can move into my grandmother’s house and finally be with my beloved dog (and vovó) again. I just realised that I have lived with my grandmother for almost as long as I lived with my own mother, and by the time I move out of her house again, I will have lived with her longer than I lived with my mom. My parents divorced when I was eleven, and my mom kept me and my brother and sister, and my dad moved into his parents’ basement (divorce is always fun for the dads, even when the moms try to not be complete assholes; for the record, my parents still get along very well, unless this is a facade they have kept for the sake of us kids). I stayed with my mom until I was thirteen, and then moved in with my dad and his parents. My grandfather may be a completely horrible human being, but at least he wasn’t my mom’s boyfriends. They have pretty much all been terrible. My mom reads this blog every once in a while, and that is okay; she knows I think she usually has pretty bad taste in men. I mean, my dad is awesome; I love my dad. He’s basically Calvin’s dad (if you haven’t read any Calvin and Hobbes, you need to do that right now). Really. I’ve told him that a few times, and apparently that was his parenting goal.

My dad
Above: My dad. Source.

Anyway, the point is, I love my grandmother (my vovó) very much. She has raised me nearly as much as my mom has (whom I also love, despite her numerous shortcomings — also, hi mommy!), and am really looking forward to living with her again.

I’m rambling, as I am wont to do, and with an audience the size of mine, I can do whatever the hell I want; three cheers for obscurity! I think I will leave this here.


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  1. Sam says:

    Oh! Why, hello to you, too!

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