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Canadian Knitter

August 10th, 2015

Canadian Knitter

So a few months ago, my mom calls me (which is not a common thing for us; we both absolutely hate talking on the phone), and says she has this great idea. Now, if you don’t know my mom, which you likely don’t (unless you are her, in which case, I hope you do), my mom is full of great ideas. As in, she always has a new one that I just have to hear about. I love my mom; she’s totally a twelve-year-old in the body of an adult. Anyway, some backstory: about ten years ago now, she was injured at work. My mom is a cop, and she was chasing a guy with the K9 unit (she was thinking of transferring), when something went wrong and she injured her leg. Like that time I broke my tailbone in rugby practice and then pretended nothing happened and kept going (bad idea, by the way), my mom got up and kept chasing the guy. Turned out, the next day, that she had really screwed up her knee, and thus began the past ten years of WSIB, lawyers, bad bosses, psychiatric medication, surgeries, and rehab.

It should come as no surprise, then, that my mother has more than a little bit of time to daydream and come up with new ideas to kill the insufferable boredom of being home on medical leave. Until I had my car crash this February, I thought it would be pretty nice to be home on medical leave: you still get paid, and you get to stay home. How could that be anything but awesome? Turns out you end up feeling like a mooch scamming the system and sitting on your lazy butt at home while everyone else gets up like a real adult and goes to work. So she tried to come up with things to do to feel useful again. She went through a million and one short-lived phases (see above “perma-twelve-year-old” comment), including a cooking phase that left me with a few nice new supplies for my kitchen when she inevitably grew bored…

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