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One Year Anniversary

July 20th, 2015


A week ago, on July 14, 2015, the husbear and I had our first wedding anniversary. Crazy, I know. We’ve been together for four and a half years now, but saying “I’ve been married for over one year” is still so weird. I never planned on getting married, ever — actually, neither of us was interested in getting married, and we actually talked about it not too long after we started dating. I’m not exactly sure why we changed our minds — maybe it was the tax breaks, who knows? Regardless, a week ago we had our first anniversary, and we celebrated the same way we celebrated getting married in the first place: taking off for Canada’s Georgian Bay and going camping. My idea. Apparently I am supposed to stress that.

Anywhere you find Canadian Shield rock, you’ll have a place I absolutely adore. Being on those rocks makes me feel like I’m in a fantasy world on an adventure and my inner little fairy princess loves it. So when I go camping, I head north and when the little inukshuks start to show up, my blood pressure drops (living just outside the biggest city in the country during the Pan-Am Games isn’t exactly a stress-free situation). It’s my happy place. We went to the same provincial park to which I have been going since I was a little kid, and to which my dad has also been going since he was a kid: Killbear Park. As the name would imply, there are bears there, though I have only seen them once. I have seen about a million chipmunks and two and a half deer (one was a fawn, two were does; one poor doe was sick). It’s my favourite place in the world. The way the precambrian rolling rocks mingle with the coastline and the dense forest is breathtakingly beautiful. Add the swirling stars overhead at night and it’s like being in a dream.


Neither my husband nor I are the sappy romantic type. The closest we got to your typical anniversary romance was our one night of stargazing on the beach, and that had less to do with wanting a sweet memory and more to do with the fact that holy crap, can you see how many stars are up there right now? Damn, light pollution really sucks! We could see the swirling clouds of our milky way from that beach. I guess you could say it was romantic of us, but I would rather say it was very dorky of us. We watched two satellites fly past each other; it was like watching stars move, and for a second, not going to lie, the thought of aliens went through my mind.

Most of the time we were there, though, we were either eating Costco hotdogs (cooked over a fire until they get that crispy skin, mmmm), sitting and staring at the fire that he built because nobody ever taught me how to build a fire, or I was off exploring with my dog, Growlithe, who actually hates camping. He’s a little prince. Go figure that I go camping to celebrate my anniversary with my husband and end up spending most of the trip with my dog. It’s not my fault the little S.O.B. is so damn cute.


Damn dog cries the whole time he’s there, wants to spend hours at a time in the safety of the car (because bears, you know), and buries his pee any time he goes anywhere near the campsite, and he doesn’t bury it like a normal dog! Nope, this boy pushes the dirt over whatever he is burying with his nose. He knows how to dig, too. He does like to hike, though, so maybe if I just keep taking him hiking, he’ll get over his anti-camping thing.Can’t get him to go swimming, though. He’s terrified. Last year (yes, I took my dog on my “honeymoon”) we took him to the leash-free dog beach at the park, and I managed to get him in just until he couldn’t reach the bottom anymore, and he panicked. He found a rock to stand on and then refused to move. I had to carry him to shore. That was when I looked away for a minute and he decided he was no longer afraid of the woods and took off. After panicking and crying for five minutes (I was convinced my dog was going to be eaten by a bear), he came back all happy with himself. Damn dog.

Uh, yeah, so I’ve been married for a year and my dog is a brat. Yay life and stuff!


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