the weird chick

Feivel Went West

January 6th, 2015

Feivel and Bernard

My poor little buddy Feivel died the other day. He’d been sick for a long time. I took him to the vet a while back; it cost $200 for the visit and his medication. He seemed to get better, but almost immediately after he went off his medication, he got sick again. Rats have very sensitive respiratory systems and are prone to pneumonia. It’s been about four years since my last pet died — the family dog, Bear. We got him when I was ten, and we had him until I was just a couple weeks shy of twenty. He actually died the day before my brother and sister’s sixteenth birthday. That was a sad time. We had brought him home about a year before our parents divorced. Poor guy had parvo when we got him, but he survived for nine and a half years until he developed a tumour in his ear. He hemorrhaged shortly after having surgery to remove it. I miss that dog a lot. I made a necklace out of his dog tag, and have the song from Robert Munsch’s “Love You Forever” tattooed on my ribs, for him and all the animals and people that came before and shall come after.