the weird chick

Holy Crap, I’m Getting Married

July 7th, 2014

I’m getting married. In one week. Holy crap. I went and got my marriage licence after dropping the boy off at work; it didn’t take very long, only about half an hour or so. Working the night shift is exhausting, but there are some perks. Mostly the perk of being able to do things when everyone else at work. I hate lines and crowds. Costco on a Saturday afternoon? Hell on Earth. Costco on a Tuesday at 10am? Wonderful. Apparently city hall functions similarly, since there were only two people ahead of me in line.On Monday, July 14, 2014, my fiance and I will be officially a legal couple. Yup, the government will finally recognise our love. It isn’t true love until the government recognises and sanctions it, and provides you with a variety of tax breaks! It’s mindbogglingly surreal to me. I never wanted to get married. Actually, back in high school, I was vehemently against marriage, proudly declaring “I’m never going to get married”, instead of saying it the usual way: into a carton of ice cream while slobbering into a box of tissues.

My parents divorced when I was eleven; it was an amicable divorce and they still get along very well, and they’re both in happy relationships, but neither of them ever remarried. My dad has been with the same woman since before my parents moved into separate houses! (They were already separated, and my mom was very happy for him.) So I grew up seeing an unhappily married couple, who then split to become happily unmarried couples. Well, for my mom, the happy came later. She apparently has really, really, really bad taste in men. Turns out my dad was probably a fluke. I think I’ll save the story of the crazy stalker for another time, as well as her old man phase.