the weird chick

All Inclusive

November 3rd, 2009

There’s another hole in my fishnets. I really thought I was being careful this time – guess it got a little rough. There’s red lipstick smudged across my cheeks, a discarded bra hanging from the door handle (where it landed coincidentally), and stains recklessly scattered around the room – on the floor, the walls, the bed, everywhere but the ceiling really. The sheets are a little torn, but I doubt anyone will notice. They won’t have enough time – or at least, they’ll be too busy. The sheets are easier to disguise than the growing hole in my fishnets. It’s not like they’re my sheets, anyway.

I have to give the room back in a couple hours. The bathroom door is open, and I can see some water pooling just outside the shower. There is a used tampon in the garbage can I tossed from the night before. My underwear is draped over the faucet in the tub – I don’t remember putting them there. Not that it matters. I put them on and drop a towel over the water before shutting the light and returning to the room.