the weird chick


February 5th, 2009

Creativity. Just a little creativity! Is that so much to ask? Perhaps in the beginning, the soft-spoken “why are you doing this?” was satisfying. Actually, it was completely fulfilling, to laugh and know they’d never understand why I do the things I do. Eventually, though, I shouldn’t be wrong in expecting a little… variation in their pleas. Laugh at me, just once. Or maybe, ask me a question you have a chance of getting answered. Why do I never hear something a little more in-depth? Why does no one think to ask “how did you come up with your technique”? I’m willing to answer that. And – maybe – in my moment of brief reflection, you could come up with a decent escape. At first, running the moment I looked away was humouring. Of course, only so in its blatant stupidity and desperation. I still harbour deep affection for that moment of wild desperation displayed near the end, but I wish they would present it with a little more creativity.

Sometimes, I dress up as a therapist and get a little personal with my visitors. I love how that looks on paper. Once they’re strapped to the couch, I interrogate them, deeply. No one seems to be fond of the things I reveal or discover, and they seem to particularly resent the things I bring up. People have so much to hide. Maybe if they’d do some of the thinking, I wouldn’t have to impose such harsh treatments. It’s almost as if they go out of their way to bore me, and I don’t like to stay bored for long. Why is it my fault if they don’t like my solution? And I do give them a choice. Fortunately, no one is ever interested in the alternative. Entertainment is important to maintain.